SavBAT 2 FAQS - producing a hypothetical abatement forecast

How do I create a hypothetical abatement forecast?

First, you will need to upload the vegetation map or project boundary for the area you want an abatement forecast for. If you upload a project boundary, SavBAT 2.1 will use the stored general vegetation fuel types map clipped to that boundary. See What can I upload to SavBAT2? for offset reports.

Once you have confirmed the map and get to the Select Process page, if you have uploaded a boundary you will see warning message telling you the map is not validated, and could be different from a validated map of the area. The vegetation fuel types base map used by SavBAT is based on older vegetation surveys but as long as there have been no major changes of vegetation in your area, such as major clearing, then this base map should be suitable for generating the approximate emissions forecasts.

Select the "Hypothetical abatement forecast" option from the Output Type drop-down menu on the Select Process page.

The Project Details page for the abatement forecast asks you to choose a baseline from a drop-down menu. This needs to be the baseline that you plan to use for the project you want to make the abatement forecast for. See What baseline period should I use? for offset reports.

Similarly you will need to enter the latest Global Warming Potentials. See What do I enter for the Global Warming Potentials? for offset reports. It is possible that these values will have changed when the actual project is implemented - particularly if it is several years since they were last updated - so this adds to the uncertainty of the forecast.

Clicking the "calculate" button will then create the hypothetical abatement forecast for a future year.