SavBAT 2 FAQS - Producing an Offsets Report

What do I enter for the Global Warming Potential values?

The Global Warming Potentials (GWP) of the two accountable Greenhouse Gases involved in the Savanna Burning Methodology, NH4 (methane) and N2O (nitrous oxide), will change at regular intervals as the impact they have on global warming (their GWP) changes slightly. This may be due to changes in the relative concentrations of the greenhouse gases and refinements in the science. The GWP values are usually updated every few years.

The GWP values you need to enter for methane and nitrous oxide are those that are listed in the current NGER regulations for the last day of your reporting period. The latest values that came into effect in July 2015 are listed in the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination

The current values (updated in July 2015) are:

  NH4 (methane) GWP = 25

  N2O (nitrous oxide) GWP = 298

For more information on entering the GWP values see pages 12 and 13 of the the SavBAT 2.1 User Manual.