How to use the NAFI site

Choose one of the following PDF files for help on using the NAFI site:

Help on viewing current fires

Covers the basics of viewing current fire activity: getting started, tracking current fires. You can also see how to view current fires on Google Earth.

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Help on viewing fire histories and downloading data

Covers tasks useful for fire planning, such as viewing past fire patterns back to the year 2000, and how to download fire data from NAFI so you can use it in your own mapping software.

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Help on fire reports

Covers the creation of reports that put numbers against fire activity in an area

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Help on hotspot email alerts

Covers how to set up an email alert when hotspots are detected in an area you choose

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Help on viewing NAFI on a mobile phone

Download the NAFI Mobile app

Help on viewing your own maps on NAFI

Describes how you can upload your own map features to the NAFI site

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Help on Installing the QGIS NAFI plug-in

Describes how you can install the NAFI plug-in tool for easier use of NAFI data in the QGIS mapping software

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All the help on how to use NAFI combined in one guide (for pre-April 2019 site).

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