SavBAT 2 FAQS - Sorting Issues

Why won't SavBAT 2.1 complete my report?

You may have been able to upload the vegetation fuels map or boundary but then when it comes to the calculation of the abatement forecast or the offsets report, SavBAT 2.1 stalls in the calculation process or produces an error message. There are a couple of possible reasons for this:

    - The vegetation fuels map or project boundary covers too large an area SavBAT 2.1 is designed to handle areas the size of typical abatement projects, but it is not designed to handle areas the size of regions. SavBAT 2.1 has processed images covering areas as large as 7 million hectares but if your image covers areas larger than this you may find that even if it can load the image or boundary, it cannot then complete the calculation successfully.

For example if you are generating a hypothetical abatement forecast for a very large boundary you have uploaded, the calculation process may abort and revert to the Project Details page with an error as shown below:

If you think your area is too large for SavBAT 2.1, you could try breaking it into smaller areas.

    - The vegetation image or boundary covers too large an area for your network connection A more common problem is not the absolute size of the area, but that it is too large for the network connection you are using. Some organisations impose a time limit on the length of a given transaction with the internet which is typically a few minutes. If the area being analysed is large enough that it takes more than this time period for SavBAT to run the calculations, the internet transaction will time out and the offests report or abatement forecast will not be produced.

One way to test this is to see if you can produce the report or estimation when you are connected to SavBAT 2.1 on a home connection which will usually not have a short timeout. Check with your IT support if you think this may be the problem.