SavBAT 2 FAQS - Sorting Issues

Why won't SavBAT 2 upload my map or boundary?

When you come to the second page where you need to upload your vegetation image or area boundary to SavBAT 2.1, this may sometimes generate an error, or generate a map which does not show your area displayed. There are a few possible reasons for this:

    - The image is not in the correct format. If you are uploading a vegetation fuel types image, it must have a particular format so that SavBAT 2.1 can process it. For example the image must be an 8-bit Geo Tiff, it must use an equal-area Australian Albers GDA 1994 projection, and it must use a grid size of 250m x 250m. The details of the image format and pixel values are shown on the SavBAT 2.1 home page and on page 10 of the SavBAT 2.1 User Manual.

    - The boundary is not in the correct format. An uploaded boundary must be either a zipped shapefile containing at least the shp, dbf, shx and prj files and use an Australian Albers equal-area GDA 1994 projection , or it must be a kml or kmz file. For more details see the SavBAT 2.1 home page and page 15 of the the SavBAT 2.1 User Manual.

    - The image may be too large. SavBAT 2.1 is designed to handle areas the size of typical abatement projects, but it is not designed to handle areas the size of regions. SavBAT 2.1 has processed images covering areas as large as 7 million hectares but if your image covers areas larger than this you may find it cannot load the image. You will need to break the area into smaller ones.

    - The image is too large for your network connection. A more common problem is not the absolute size of the image but that the image is too large for the network connection you are using. Some organisations impose a time limit on the length of a given transaction with the internet which is typically a few minutes. If the image is large enough that it takes more than this time period for SavBAT 2.1 to upload it, the internet transaction will time out and the image will not load. One way to test this is to see if the image will load when you are connected to SavBAT 2.1 on a home connection which will usually not have a short timeout. Check with your IT support if you think this may be the problem.

    - You are using an older browser. SavBAT 2.1 is designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and for use with recent versions of the major browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, FireFox 14+ and Safari. It will not work on Internet Explorer 7 or 8. If you are using Internet Explorer and are not sure what version you have, the version number on these older browser versions will usually be found under the help or ? menu item in the top menu and then under "about internet explorer".