SavBAT 2 FAQS - Uploading maps and boundaries

Checking the uploaded map

If you are getting unexpected results, or if your uploaded vegetation fuels map will not generate a report, you can reload the map and check it for problems using tools on the "Confirm Map" display.

For example, if your map shows some areas coloured bright red, as shown below,this means you have invalid pixels (those labelled with numbers outside the normal range) and you should also see the warning below:

You can confirm this using the SAVBAT 2.1 map display:

  1. By clicking the cursor on a pixel you can display the invalid pixel value (shown at 2)

  2. Shows the pixel value. The legend shows the pixel values corresponding to the different eligible and ineligible vegetation fuel classes. If the pixel value falls outside these values it is invalid (e.g. the value 128 shown above)

  3. When a map with invalid pixels is uploaded, the layer "Invalid vegetation pixels" will appear in the layers list. This allows you to turn the layer on and off which will not remove the invalid pixels but help you explore their extent.

If you do have invalid pixels in your map it may not be able to produce an offsets report, and you should get a GIS mapper to correct the map

You can also check pixels to see if they have the correct pixel value for the vegeation class as shown in the legend.

For more information on using the SavBAT map display see pages 14-16 of the the SavBAT 2.1 User Manual.